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9. 8. 2023

New clinic simulation centres on VETUNI

For the education of veterinary students, the management of the University of Veterinary Sciences Brno has built representative premises of two new simulation centres for clinical teaching focused on individual animal species. These modern facilities, which will be used for teaching veterinary medicine at VETUNI, comprise both the new dominant building of the Small Animal Pavilion with the Dog and Cat Clinic and the reconstructed learning spaces in the complex of the Equine Clinic. As the Rector of the University, Prof. MVDr. Alois Nečas, Ph.D., MBA, said: "In the upcoming academic year 2023/2024, our students can look forward to modern forms of teaching enriching the study of clinical subjects in the new classrooms of the simulation centres, where the existing clinical teaching on artificial animal models will be relocated, bringing students closer to addressing and solving real clinical cases and situations they may encounter with living patients. The new simulation centres at VETUNI will bear comparison with the top teaching centres at the best veterinary universities and colleges in Europe. These learning centres will open at the University in early September."

24. 2. 2023

University of the Third Age Animal Welfare and Protection course

This week, the University of the Third Age (U3V) at the Brno Veterinary University launched the Animal Welfare and Protection course.

7. 2. 2023

Open Day on Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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